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Studio Audience: The podcast has naked soldiers, tech talent and Damon Albarn

If you’re a loyal podcast listener then you know what to expect from this whole shindig by now, and as ever we love having you on board. But if you’ve never dipped your toe in the aural waters of our art and design discussion then now is definitely the time to rectify that. Don’t be shy, it’s real warm in here with us…

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Gilbert Blecken: Nirvana

We kicked off this week’s pod talking about Gilbert Blecken and his quite astounding collection of 1990s band portraits of the likes of Blur and Nirvana (above) before we moved onto TASCHEN’s new book collating naked photos of buddied-up Second World War soldiers. From there we moved to 32ldn, an ongoing filmic portrait of London told through the stories of its people and places, and we finished off analysing The Guardian’s list of young digital talent which includes the brilliant Kid President (below).


Michael Stokes: My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare published by TASCHEN