Studio Audience: Series Five Episode 12

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Studio Audience: All your art and design news wrapped up in this week’s podcast!

Hello listeners! Listen up as that is your duty, to four monkeys talking about the art and design news of today. We have all your cultural needs plus a whole lot more. Really though, when I say “more” I mean if you like hearing people mercilessly take the piss out of Printed Pages editor James Cartwright then you’re in for a treat as he gets an absolute battering in this episode. Enjoy!

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Designs of the Year 2014: The ABC Syringe

This week we chatted about our best and worst festival experiences – get ready for an absolute whirlwind of a tale from Rob Alderson – then moved on to discussing the Designs of the Year nominations 2014. Next up we discussed this year’s Secret 7" project that has been entered by the likes of Sir Paul Smith, Jeremy Deller and Modern Toss.

After the ever-catchy jingle we then discussed Sarah Lucas being chosen to represent the UK at the next Venice Biennale, and the new YCN redesign courtesy of prolific designer Matt Willey. If you’re looking for the fantastic article by Sophie Heawood about Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow that we discussed, just go over here.


Secret 7" sleeve


Matt Willey’s new YCN Redesign


Artwork by Sarah Lucas