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Studio Audience: The pod talks Unit Editions, the Snickers ad and April Fools

This week’s podcast is brought to you by fans of the less is more theory; there are only three of us dissecting some of the week’s art and design tidbits but we hope what we lack in quantity of guests we more than make up for in quality. So join us for 23 minutes of creative chit-chat; we promise you won’t regret it. I mean you might, but that’d probably be on you, yeah? You can listen using the SoundCloud embed below or why not subscribe via iTunes here. As ever you can also leave a comment using the discussion thread below.

This week we kicked off by looking at April Fools’ Day gags such as the one above from The Stack, and mentioned our very own mice-based offering. We then moved on to discuss the new Unit Editions book celebrating corporate design manuals of yesteryear, and discussed the new Snickers ad (below). Finally we touched on the launch of the London TV station London Live, which had some pretty brutal reviews.


Unit Editons: Manuals 1


The London Live ident