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Studio Audience: This week there’s sex, sculpture and rock n’ roll

Friday means lots of different things to lots of different people; whether you’re a hard-partying fun-seeker or a vagabond with a secret family for whom Friday marks the shedding of one life for the panicky preoccupation of the other. BUt here at It’s Nice That, Friday means Studio Audience, our weekly art and design podcast and this week we can promise sex, sculpture and rock n’ roll. One quick warning; we do discuss something somewhat naughty at the start of Section Two so some discretion advised.

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Section One

We kicked off this week’s podcast reflecting on the sad deaths of the inimitable Lou Reed, paradigm shifting sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and Marcia Wallace, the voice of Springfield’s most world-weary teacher. We also looked at design studio BERG’s move from design consultancy to tech start-up and looked ahead to feminist website Jezebel’s upcoming new book.


The Book of Jezebel

Section Two


Clayton Pettet

We started Section Two by taking on the art world story everyone is talking about; Central Saint Martins student Clayton Pettet’s plan for a one-off performance piece when he loses his virginity with a gay friend.


Chip Kidd: A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design

We then changed tack completely and spoke about Chip Kidd’s new book which s a graphic design guide for children agent ten and upwards. Introducing concepts like kerning and juxtaposition it also sets exercise for budding graphic designers to get their teeth into. Oh, and here’s Liv’s video of a Greggs paper bag blowing into a reporter’s face.