Studio Audience Series Four, Episode Four

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Studio Audience: Giant polar bears, Instagram ads and a new national treasure?

Sorry for the slight delay on bringing you this week’s podcast but we would modestly suggest it’s worth the wait. Here’s your Studio Audience bingo card for this episode: 1. Use of the word “lampoon.” 2. A strangely Blairite description of David Shrigley. 3. The second use of the word “lampoon.” 4. An allusion to an infamous bottle-based Bog Brother incident. 5. A bizarre drug-art metaphor. Enjoy!

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Section One


Amy West: Grafik BS

First up this week we hailed Amy West’s great Grafik BS project, a hoax looking at style over substance in the design world and we analysed Instagram’s plans to introduce adverts. We also welcomed the news that Greenpeace are walking a massive polar bear puppet through the streets of London this weekend and looked forward to a documentary focussing on two unlikely contemporary art world heroes, Herb and Dorothy Vogel.


The Greenpeace bear Aurora

Section Two


David Shrigley’s show at The Hayward Gallery

Section Two kicked off with the week-long-awaited look at the shortlist for the Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth commission and in particular the inclusion of David Shrigley (hot on the heels of his Turner Prize recognition).


The Big Brother house

Then we appraised plans by the National Trust to open up the Big Brother house to the public as part of a campaign to engage new visitors in a tongue-in-cheek way.