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Studio Audience: With Calvin & Hobbes, Morrissey and interactive CVs

Hey pod fans! Nice to see you again, please accept this latest offering of Studio Audience with our compliments. Your spotter’s card for this episode includes the phrase “sibling-cum-romance vibe,” an unsubtle call for cake and Liv Siddall interjecting weirdly. Oh yeah and more art and design chat that you can waggle a stick at. Not sure why you’d want to do that though.

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Section One


A David Hockney picture at Frieze Masters (Photo by Liv Siddall)

In the first section we talked about last week’s Frieze art fair and questioned whether some of the stick the event gets is fair; we also discussed The Design Museum’s programme for next year and Morrissey’s autobiography being published in the hallowed Penguin Classics series which has upset some people.


The Future Is Here at The Design Musuem


Morrissey’s Autobiography

Section Two


Mental Floss’ special Calvin & Hobbes cover

As three Calvin & Hobbes devotees we welcomed the news that Bill Watterson had given an extremely rare interview to Mental Floss magazine and we asked whether creatives are within their rights to let their work speak for them.


Robby Leonardi’s interactive CV

After that we looked at Robby Leonardi’s amazing interactive CV and the first issue of intern magazine and wondered what these projects tell us about the different ways people get into the creative industries.


intern magazine Issue One