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Studio Audience: Podcast is here with Batman, new BBC icons and cheekiness

The weekend is nigh on upon us and there’s just the weekly Friday traditions to navigate before we can all go streaking in the quad (or whatever you’ve got planned). Chief among these hurdles is the new episode of Studio Audience, the It’s Nice That podcast, but if it is a hurdle it’s one built of wit and insight (!) rather than clattery metal and that. So let’s do this!

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Section One

This week we kicked off talking about a new set of 119 BBC icons set to be rolled out across various areas and designed to combine and to the organisation’s heritage with multi-use clarity, then we looked at this neat bit of creative thinking by climate change activists (video above) and we purred over the new Studio Frith/Juergen Teller/Will Self food book. Finally we spoke about plans by The Observer newspaper to launch a monthly technology supplement to place it “at the heart of the conversation about technology and science in this country.”


Eating at Hotel il Pellicano: Photography by Juergen Teller


The new BBc icons

Section Two


Will Ben Affleck be a good Batman?

First up in we reflected on Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman and pondered why people care so much about who gets chosen to play their favourite comic book characters. We enjoyed Matt Damon’s reaction and considered rumours that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad will play Lex Luther.

Then we looked quickly at plans to turn 2001 hit film Amelie into a Broadway musical and the strange case of a director who sold the rights but hated doing so. We pondered the idea of giving up ownership of creative work in the modern world.