Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 17 with Rubens, Arrested Development and Venice

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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode 17 with Rubens, Arrested Development and Venice

I tell you now that I never thought life could get more exciting than sitting around our little desks with microphones chewing the fat about the art and design world, but it totally just did! So sit back and enjoy this brief rundown of a truly lovely episode of Studio Audience where we chat about recent goings-on and do an ample amount of complaining that we weren’t invited to the Venice Biennale. Maybe next time. On we go!

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Section One


The return of Arrested Development

Section One got off to cracking start as we chatted about the fantastically all-welcoming Wired magazine redesign, the ancient Rubens found locked in a cupboard at the University of Reading, Daft Punk’s ironic Monaco failure, and the download-binge-fest that was the release of the new series of Arrested Development on Netflix.


Daft Punk at the Monaco Grand Prix


Lovely new Wired redesign!

Section Two


Jeremy Deller’s British pavilion

If, like me, your Instagram is clogged up by collared, Campari-drinking art types at Venice this week then this section is for you. Let our exploration into Jeremy Deller’s Pavilion, Ai Wei Wei’s dioramas and the growing excitement around the Palazzo Peckham fill you with enough info to make people believe you were actually there. Semi-convincing spray tan optional.


Palazzo Peckham


Ai Wei Wei: S.A.C.R.E.D