Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 20 with Printed Pages, Vice and Port

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Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 20 with Printed Pages, Vice and Port

Stifle your sobs people of pod-land – it’s true that this week marks the end of our 20-strong series three of Studio Audience. But dry your eyes mates, we’ll be back in a few weeks with all sorts of art and design discussion and japes. In the meantime, you can recreate the Studio Audience experience in a nearby pub or cafe – simply gather one mate who’s a bit like a young Alan Partridge and loves torturous metaphors, one mate whose outlook on life just confuses you and one mate with a really flat head. Voila!

Download this week’s episode via iTunes here or stream live off the web here.

Section One


The Bling Ring

This week there was loads to chew on (metaphorically speaking, no food is allowed near our state-of-the-art pod set-up). We kicked off looking at the discussion over whether Sagmeister & Walsh’s Now Is Better film was justly awarded a typography Yellow Pencil by D&AD on its design rather than artistic merits, we looked ahead to Sofia Coppola’s new film which many say helps us rethink the new world of image-making and we ended on the much-criticised Vice shoot which recreated famous female writers’ suicides (for which they have since apologised).


Sagmeister & Walsh: Now Is Better typography


Vice were in trouble this week

Section Two


Printed Pages Summer 2013

First up we took the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the new issue of our magazine Printed Pages and spoke to two of the writers about their favourite articles. You can (and probably should) buy a copy right here.


The new Port magazine cover

While we were on magazines, we talked about Port’s feature on “The Golden Age” of print and the ensuing rumblings about their choice of six, white, male editors for the cover.