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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Five with SXSW, ponies and a design library with a catch

Knock, knock. Who’s There. Studio Audience, the It’s Nice That podcast. That makes no sense. You aren’t tangible. You don’t have hands. You couldn’t knock on a door. The best you could hope for would be for someone to play you under said door and hope the person inside hears. Even then they wouldn’t say who’s there. Idiot. Hands or not, enjoy this week’s offering…

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Section One


Jim’ll Paint It: A Tyrannosaurus Rex playing Connect 4 with Heston Blumenthal on a lake of fire whilst a care bear watches them lustfully

In the first section we discussed why the weird and wonderful Jim’ll Paint It has won so many admirers, looked at a massive new design library in South Korea with an unfortunate catch, asked whether innocent’s hard-fought creative reputation could suffer as Coca Cola takes over the majority of the smoothie company, considered why the brilliant Trendy Design Generator had struck such a chord with graphic designers everywhere and looked briefly at Design Indaba’s stellar line-up.


Trend List: Design Generator

Section Two

First up in section two we looked at Wieden + Kennedy’s advert for Three (above) featuring a moonwlaking pony that has taken the internet by viral storm, even winning glowing reviews from Creative Review’s notoriously hard-to-please commenters. But of course like night follows day for every successful viral there are any number of spoofs quick to spring up (below).

Then it was on to SXSW (not literally, we were’t invited which as you’ll hear we were NOT AT ALL BITTER about) and we asked how the festival can grow and remain credible in light of criticism like this from those who feel its lost its magic.


Mito Habe-Evans/NPR