Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode 4

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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Four with Oscars, pop videos and Titanic II

Good people of planet earth, lend me your ears (not literally, that’d be hideous). The fourth episode of our Studio Audience podcast has hovered into view over the skyline like the spaceships in Independence Day but rather than threatening to kill us all, it’s just bringing some art and design chat for your delectation. Lovely stuff.

Download this week’s episode via iTunes here or stream live off the web here.

Section One


Jamie Hawkesworth: Ai Weiwei

This week things kicked off with a look at this year’s Oscars – the winners and of course the losers (including much-criticised host Seth McFarlane). We then looked at Jamie Hawkesworth’s excellent Ai Weiwei studio shoot, touched on our Nice Wednesdays event headlined by the brilliant Rob Ryan and discussed the not-at-all-batsh*t-crazy idea to build an exact replica of the Titanic. Plus we took joy in Andy Rementer and Honet’s ace animations for Lacoste (below).


The Titanic

Section Two


The Tarantinos’ Frank Lloyd Wright house

First up we talked about the rights and wrongs of the plans to dismantle a Frank Lloyd Wright house in New Jersey and move it to Italy in a bid to save it from flooding.

And then we turned sour attention to a new show celebrating the art of the pop video and talked about whether Youtube was a creative help or hinderance in this area. My guests also chose their favourites (above and below).