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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Fourteen with Zach Braff, grads and Instagram

Last week’s enforced move to escape the incessant drilling next to It’s Nice That HQ could and maybe should have broken a lesser podcast. But Studio Audience is made of sterner stuff and we bounced back with a vengeance to bring you yet another burst of quick-fire art and design chat. I particularly recommend the fruity Zach Braff Kickstarter discussion in Section Two. Enjoy!

Download this week’s episode via iTunes here or stream live off the web here.

Section One

First up in this section we looked at who the Design Museum had picked as this year’s Designers in Residence we wondered why the new Instagram logo hadn’t riled the design community’s comment boards and looked back at last week’s POINT conference in London (at which the full version of the Milton Glaser video above was aired). We also spoke about the recreation of an iconic artists’ canteen for Frieze New York and explored why Grey Spain’s clever ad for a children’s helpline (below) has received so much attention.


The new Instagram Logo

Section Two

First up we picked over the furore surrounding Zach Braff’s decision to launch his new film project on creative crowd funding platform Kickstarter, the backlash to that exemplified in this Vice piece and Zach’s subsequent defence.


The It’s Nice That Grads Event 2012

And in the second section as tis the season to visit grad shows we looked at what role they play in the contemporary creative scene and looked ahead to our own Grads project.