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Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Six with 3D fun, fear and retro illustration

If you’ve never treated yourself to our Studio Audience podcast then this is a fine week to start. Three guests, 25 minutes, and discussions about superpowers, supermarkets and superstar artists-cum-musicians. Served straight to your ears, you can’t afford to not have this in your life. Give it a go, for me yeah?

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Section One


One of Anthony Burrill’s prints for Free Desk Here

This week we looked at scaremongering claims that the creative industries could be ripe for automisation and we might all lose our jobs (booooo!), we celebrated Open Studio Club’s Free Desk Here initiative (hurrah!) and we found out that when Mad Men needed retro illustration they went to a 75-year-old British legend.& Then we mused (we love to muse) on The British Museum’s status as the UK’s most visited tourist attraction and had a quick scoot around the new Facebook redesign.


Brian Sanders in The New York Times


The British Museum (from The Londonist and [email protected])

Section Two

We chatted about 3D printing and whether the design press’ coverage was doing justice to what is seen by many as a genuinely world-changing technology.


Dinos Chapman’s recent album

Then onto something completely different we wondered whether Ai Weiwei’s rock album might be a good thing, following hot on the heels of Dinos Chapman’s recent musical bow.