Studio Audience Series Three, Episode 12

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Studio Audience – Series Three Episode Twelve with tributes to Storm Thorgerson, Dove and copying

If days of the weeks were dogs, Monday would be a snarling, vicious rottweiler but Friday would be a seriously excited labrador puppy all bouncy, unbridled enthusiasm. And what’s that he’s got in its teeth? Why it’s the latest episode of Studio Audience, our very own podcast. So whether you’re heading out to soak up the sun, or shutting your blinds to keep springtime firmly out, this WILL improve your weekend. Enjoy!

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Section One

In the first section this week we talked about the BP Portrait Award’s newly-unveiled, shorn-down shortlist and looked at Dove’s much-vaunted new advert (above) and its inevitable parody. We then tackled the big issue of male lingerie, asked whether the UK Culture Secretary was right to suggest arts funding should be based on economic criteria and finished off with some top-notch list chat, after Bono praised Jonny Ive to the skies in TIME and Nicolas Roope’s new Global Rich List made its bow.


Homme Mystere: Male Lingerie


John Devane: The Uncertain Time, one of the paintings shortlisted for The BP Portrait Award

Section Two


Hipgnosis: The Dark Side Of The Moon

First up in this section we paid tribute to Storm Thorgerson, the graphic designer whose Hipgnosis studio was responsible for some of the most iconic record sleeve art of the 1960s and 70s and who Adrian Shaughnessy brought to life in this excellent Creative Review article.

Then we looked at this video filmed by Dezeen in Milan wherein a host of top designers talked about the difficulties of deterring copying at the annual Salone.