studio fnt: Detail

Work / Graphic Design

Korean studio fnt produce wonderfully simple printed matter

There’s nothing heavy-handed about Seoul-based design studio fnt’s work. It’s like the graphic design equivalent of that little dish of mint-flavoured ice cream you get handed between courses at fancy restaurants to refresh your palette; something about their refined use of thin lines in muted colours on a white background feels newly delicate, when you’ve spent several hours being accosted by great slabs of colour and text that feel like a knock to the head. Maybe it has something to do with the Korean script, introducing a whole new realm of possibilities to the ways they treat typography, or the studio’s willingness to dabble in patterns and geometric shapes in a simple and understated way to jazz up otherwise clean layouts.


studio fnt: Poster and Catalogs for 15th JIFF


studio fnt: ARTIST’S HOUSE 2014 Programmes


studio fnt: Poster for Junglim Foundation, Junglim Architecture Awards 2015


studio fnt: Poster for the Theater, The Cosmonaut’s Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union


studio fnt: Poster for the Symposium, Gaesong, the Key City for the Reunification of Korea


studio fnt: Objectology, Design and Art


studio fnt: 4th Record & CD Fair in Seoul


studio fnt: 4th Record & CD Fair in Seoul