Studio Lievito: Spagetti Meter

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Studio Lievito design some very handsome kitchen accessories, Italian style

What’s that you say? Toiling over how much pasta to cook for numerous people has gone for good? Well Studio Lievito has designed a beautiful accessory which might just have ended that conundrum for good. Made from a single piece of white Carrara marble, each slot caters for one, two, three or four people. It’s an Italian hunk that not only is ridiculously good-looking, but means you will never let pasta go to waste again. Along with the spaghetti measurer, Studio Lievito presented an variety of elegant and practical products at Milan Design Week 2013, including this dry-rack suspended by a perimeter of natural bristles. Benissimo!


Studio Lievito: Plate Rack


Studio Lievito: Plate Rack


Studio Lievito: Plate Rack