Studio Luc Derycke:

Work / Graphic Design

20 years of fantastic book design from the bottomless archive of Studio Luc Derycke

With a lot of design agencies putting their work up on their sites immediately in blog fashion, sometimes the older work can get a little lost. Studio Luc Derycke from Ghent have unflinchingly put up all of their graphic design work since 1990 on their site in a very attractive and simple archive. After 20 years of designing books they are, not surprisingly, incredibly good at it. Many galleries hail this studio as the go-to designers to make the books to accompany key exhibitions, so fingers crossed this very talented trio will help enormous pieces of art work their way onto meticulously designed pages of publications for many years to come!


Studio Luc Derycke: The Lectures, 1991


Studio Luc Derycke: Show and Tell, the Films of Lawrence Weiner, 1992


Studio Luc Derycke: 2007


Studio Luc Derycke: Small Eyes, Big Windows, 1999


Studio Luc Derycke: We are So Happy, 2000


Studio Luc Derycke: Caribs Leap/Western Deep, Steve McQueen, 2002


Studio Luc Derycke: Mer @ MOTTO, 2012