Suki Dhanda: Kenneth Grange

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Photographer Suki Dhanda’s skill and style make her stand out from the rest

If there’s a good example of the phrase thankless task, it’s trying to corral all the members of It’s Nice That and our sister studio INT Works into some kind of coherent whole. And yet that’s exactly what photographer Suki Dhanda was up against when she came into create the portrait for Eye’s feature on us. Thankfully she has as much patience as she does talent and the end result was a cracker. But it’s no surprise that Suki smashed it out the park because she’s amazing, with a particularly powerful portfolio of portraits ranging from a soul-searching Jude Law to a tie-wielding Nick Clegg. Anyone tempted to underplay the sheer skill that makes a great portraitist from the rest need only immerse themselves in her site.


Suki Dhanda: Jude Law


Suki Dhanda: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Suki Dhanda: Southall Stories – Aisha


Suki Dhanda: Southall Stories – Sonu


Suki Dhanda: Southall Stories – Megha