Benjy Brooke: Power

Work / Animation

Super Deluxe release 2D animated short by Benjy Brooke

Director, animator and illustrator Benjy Brooke has just released 2D animation Power Hungry via Super Deluxe’s Youtube channel. The short was designed, directed and animated by Benjy over five months, with sound design and music by Kenny Kusiak.

The short was based on a series of webcomics Benjy posted on Tumblr in 2015. As Benjy told It’s Nice That, Power Hungry is “a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure about self-driving electric cars, nomadic robots, sunburnt mutants, and toys.” 

“The idea formed after I moved to upstate NY and started regularly driving long distances, jacking up my carbon footprint,” he explains. “I imagine that we’ll all eventually transition to solar powered electric cars, but maybe not before the complete desertification of the planet.”

Power Hungry is the latest in a run of brilliant work by Benjy, including projects for Converse and Major Lazer.