Superbowl 2012 Adverts

6 February 2012

So last night the Superbowl happened, sending the USA into paroxysms of sporting superlatives and left most of the rest of us slightly baffled – us Brits woke up to Twitter timelines full of patriots, giants and Madonna, like some strange proto-Christian fairytale. But the game itself is only part of the whole Superbowl shebang, with brands shelling out on average $3.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Here’s our look at nine of the best ads which interspersed the on-field action…

First up a nice twist on the man vs cheetah theme from Hyundai which shows just how effective a short, simple idea can be…

Next up, this effort from, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the crooning head made me giggle so it makes the cut..

Arguably the most anticipated spot of last night, our very own David Beckham in his pants. Interesting choice of music, we think it kind of works…

This Toyota reinvention ad is a bit hit-and-miss but is GREAT when it hits the spot, such as with the pizza curtains and the Lionel Richie blender..

The most daring of the ads shown last night, First Bank proved their commitment to customer service by showing a deliberately dull promo giving fans a chance for a toilet break…

Up there with the Becks’ pecks, the idea of MAtthew Broderick riffing on his most famous role got a lot of hype, with one or two beautiful moments to justify it. “Broderick, Broderick….”

There were several Chevy spots aired last night, but for unashamed high-octane thrills this is pleasingly straightforward…

Pepsi got a lot of attention for this Elton John based effort, but for our money this cheeky sideswipe at its rival was a far more interesting offering

And finally flash mobs in adverts is not a new thing, but this is done really well and has a good sporting link sure to resonate with many of the fans last night…

All in all perhaps not a vintage year, but a good snapshot of where mainstream advertisers are at the moment, with an eye on viral hits as well as the main event.

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