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Advertising: A curated look at some of last night’s finest Superbowl spots

In the past couple of years we’ve used the morning after Superbowl to write a post that crams in as many of the adverts as possible, regardless really of quality or impenetrable American cultural references. This year I decided enough is enough and that a little curation was required. So here are the ads that jumped out amid the dross, the schmalz and the bewildering (what even is Full House?).

The Newcastle Brown anti ad featuring Anna Kendrick has rightly been lavished with praise (I’d be surprised if there’s a better line than “I can’t stuff indie creed in a male stripper’s g-string”) but I also laughed out loud at Bud Light’s effort and Buzzfeed, Doritos and Swiffle all stood out from the crowd. The Ford Double The Awesome spot goes to town on a simple idea while Budweiser added puppies to last year’s Clydesdale horse in a peerless example of how to make a cheesy advert. Go Pro also paraded their product in style, strapped to space-jumper Felix Baumgartner and KIA, um, have a really weird twist on The Matrix.

I reserve the right to make changes and additions to this run-down, but for now here’s some to get you going…