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UPDATED – Our pick of the adverts from last night’s Superbowl

Last night in Arizona Superbowl XLIX took place, a sporting event that brings with it lots of cultural collateral – a much-hyped half-time show (with Katy Perry this year), some baffled Brits pretending they know what they’re talking about and loads of Twitter users doing that “superb owl” joke. It also means a huge amount of attention lavished on the adverts, and after showing you a selection of the pre-released spots last week, we’ve updated to bring you our pick of the whole lot.

They ranged as ever from the witty to the epic, the soppy to the saccharine (looking at you Budweiser!) but there’s some interesting stuff in there. I like Bud Light’s real-life Pac-man, BMW’s clever riff on new technology and Squarespace’s proper trippy offering with Jeff Bridges. The domestic violence charity No More has produced a massively powerful spot (directed by Nadav Kander), Kim Kardashian proves she doesn’t take herself too seriously and Victoria’s Secret did, well, exactly what you’d expect.