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Art: Supermundane explores his love of typography in new London show

We’re already licking our lips in anticipation at the host of shows opening in east London this week and prominent among those we’re looking forward to is lovely-looking new work from Supermundane. His exhibition Super-Alpha “takes his love of typography to its natural conclusion” creating bold letterforms filled with intricate, detailed imagery.

The artist, aka Rob Lowe, says: "Coming from a graphic design background I’ve always had a love of typography. The alphabet is an amazingly resilient code that can take a huge amount of abstraction whilst still being recognisable to us. The core letter shapes can be seen as frames that can be clothed in endless ways.

“I have a preference for bold, simple letters and coupling that with my signature drawing style was a very natural progression.”

Alongside this celebration of all things alphabet, a selection of Rob’s prints that use typography will also be on show – a real visual treat in the space where typography and illustration come together.

Super-Alpha is at the Lomography Gallery Store from June 6 until June 28.


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Supermundane: Super A


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Supermundane: Yes