Sven Johne: Zirkus Probst/Reichenbach (Vogtland)/16-18 August 2011/Volkfestplatz


Sven Johne: Zirkus Probst/Weiswasser/78 Juni 2011/ Am Freizeitpark


Sven Johne: Zirkus Probst/Torgau/ 6 – 8 Mai 2011/Festweise am Kaufland


Sven Johne: Zirkus Probst/Merseburg/25-26 Oktober 2011/ Rischmuhlenisel


Art Basel Miami Beach installation shot

Work / Photography

Sven Johne: Following The Circus

One of the most magical elements of a circus coming to town is that it brings a few nights of excitement to an otherwise fairly nondescript bit of land. German photographer Sven Johne’s Following the Circus project saw him trail after the Zirkus Probst for nine months, documenting the site of all 59 performances in that period shortly after the Big Top had come down and the trucks had rolled off to their next destination. The results are absolutely stunning, pictures of places where the whispers of wonders past are still faintly audible. Breathtaking stuff.

All pictures courtesy of the artists and Klemm’s Berlin.