Sir Howard Hodgkin’s poster


Lisa Millroy’s poster


Janice Kerbel’s poster


Michael Craig Martin’s poster


Philip Allen’s poster


Robert Holyhead’s poster

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Swarovski Whitechapel Gallery Art Plus Opera

Ahead of the Whitechapel Gallery’s 1920s themed art and opera fundraising extravaganza next week, this sterlings series of posters was released yesterday. They were designed by a host of famous names – Philip Allen, Michael Craig Martin, Sir Howard Hodgkin, Robert Holyhead, Janice Kerbel and Lisa Millroy – each of whom has brought their signature styles to bear on the brief. From Michael Craig Martin’s typographic talents to Sir Howard Hodgkin’s bold smear of block colour (pictured) they’re individually interesting but they also work particularly well as a set to compare creative thinking.