Peter Russell and Senta Slingerland: Gamechangers (Published by Taschen)

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Publication: Taschen’s Gamechangers rounds up 60 years of ad showstoppers

In a joyous celebration of the 60th birthday of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Taschen have released Game Changers, a weighty tome that applauds the evolution of the creative and advertising industries since the festival first began with a few tentative steps into cinema ads in 1954.

From Volkswagen’s groundbreaking honesty in the 1959 Think Small campaign to Nike’s turn towards social-media fuelled competition with Nike+, the publication does a fantastic job of rounding up six decades of advertising and creativity into a neat, 300 page collection without scrimping on either high quality images or contextual information, which is provided by the likes of Ariana Huffington, David Droga, David Bailey and Sir John Hegarty. The closest thing to a definitive history that you’ll find in the sprawling sphere of advertising, Gamechangers provides a comprehensive and fascinating overview of an endlessly evolving industry. Definitely one for the coffee table.

Gamechanges published by Taschen is out now.


Peter Russell and Senta Slingerland: Gamechangers (Published by Taschen)


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