Taylor Holland: Vector Fields – 4utbol.com (detail)

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Art: Taylor Holland makes a mockery of the well-defined markings of sports fields

Artist and designer Taylor Holland enjoys visual trickery. His Frames project used Photoshop’s Content Aware tool to fill in frames of pictures hung in the Louvre and prior to that the Paris-based creative documented the weird and wonderful tour bus graphics he saw in his hometown. His latest project Vector Fields is a series of interactive websites which “explore what happens when the boundaries of sport are manipulated through play.”

And so the lines of a football field or the lane markings in a swimming pool are allowed to slip their moorings and we the viewer can spin and twist them into various patterns we find more pleasing. Why we find this so satisfying is perhaps a question that needs a little more consideration; but maybe it’s the manifestation of some innate anarchic spirit in a digitally-defined world?

Play with the whole gang here: whether it’s a football pitch, a basketball court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a baseball diamond, an ice hockey rink or an American Football pitch you want to muck about with!


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