Temporary Trees: Behind the Scenes

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Photography: Being told to “imagine you’re a tree” never looked like so much fun

I never really went in for drama lessons at school, but something tells me that if it had been Mkgk and Raw Color telling me to “imagine you’re a tree” instead of Mrs Hawkswell in a fusty room at the back of the drama department, my thespian career might have spanned a little longer.

This project took place during Dutch Design Week as part of the international platform Make a Forest, and it plays on the fact that in the Netherlands trees typically reach only one tenth of the age that they could do before being removed according to ruthless landscaping plans. Mkgk and Raw Color subvert this transience, representing trees as a changing life form through multiple exposure photographs of people throwing various bits and bobs up in the air, creating an image which is, actually, very convincing. Failing that the video of how they’re made is super cool!


Temporary Trees: Cherry Tree


Temporary Trees: Oak Tree


Temporary Trees: Platan


Temporary Trees: Pollard Willow


Temporary Trees: Poplar


Temporary Trees: Weeping Willow