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Why there’s a signed postcard on the cover of The 2014 It’s Nice That Annual

A constant refrain when putting together the It’s Nice That Annual is to keep the creative work front and centre. This isn’t about us; it’s about the stunning, mesmerising, funny, thought-provoking, charming, painstaking and fascinating projects that we’re proud to showcase in all their glory. This year though we decided to go one better, and from the off we all agreed that it would be great if each cover carried a piece of art and design that could then be found within the book.

The answer was to print 50 A6 postcards to fit into a transparent pouch that sits on the vibrant blue cover. And then we thought wouldn’t it be great if these postcards were signed by the very creatives whose work was taking centre stage? So we sent boxes of postcards off to all corners of the globe, and watched with glee as they started to come back adorned with not just signatures but all manner of weird and wonderful doodles and messages.

So each 2014 It’s Nice That Annual will come with one of 50 signed postcards on the cover, featuring work from the likes of Geoff McFetridge, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Bobby Doherty, Jim Stoten, Jessica Svensden, Francesca Jane Allen, Pat Bradbury, Feixen, Gwendal le Bec, Jaime Zuverza, Anna Victoria Best and Ilg/Trüb.

Designer Hamish Makgill said last week that he thinks the postcards are “essential” to this year’s Annual and we hope you’ll agree that they add a certain something to our end-of-year book.


The 2014 it’s Nice That Annual postcards


The 2014 it’s Nice That Annual postcards


The 2014 it’s Nice That Annual postcards


The 2014 it’s Nice That Annual postcards

The It’s Nice That Annual 2014 is supported by G.F Smith and printed on Colorplan Bright White 350gsm, Zen Pure White 150gsm and Heaven 42 135gsm.