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My Royal Plate


Our Other Royal Wedding


Royal Celebration Sensation


Kate Loves Willy


Paul Smith Harrod’s Window


Wieden + Kennedy + Will + Kate

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The (Creative) Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is upon us Brits tomorrow, and with it comes a fervent sense of excitement from the masses. The creative community however and probably a little bit more cynical than your average British resident, so the big day has naturally spawned a wealth of creative commentary. As a celebration of the happy couple (and of an extra day off) here is a very quick review of some bits and pieces of wedding inspired work that have caught my eye, opening with this classic from KK Outlet’s brilliant sarcastic series of plates.

My Royal Plate Orange Feed

Orange’s take on the classic memorial plate lets the average Joe celebrate their own special moments. Penned by new Orange Feed illustrator Owen Davey


Our Other Royal Wedding Albion London

Albion London believe that the real Royal Wedding to look forward to is that of Zara Phillips and England Rugby star Mike Tindall and that they deserve some souvenirs of their own.

Royal Celebration Sensation GarudioStudiage

The good people at Garudio Studiage are bringing “a slice of Vegas to London” in the shape of cheeky souvenirs, tea towels, cardboard engagement rings and hand-made Corgi jewellery.

Kate Loves Willy Ian Stevenson

Typically tongue in cheek response from Ian Stevenson

Paul Smith Harrod’s Windows Paul Smith

Lovely tiered wedding cake from Sir Paul as part of Harrod’s 18 celebratory window cakes.

Wieden + Kennedy + Will + Kate Wieden+Kennedy

Wills and Kate share their initials with one of London’s top ad agencies, or is it the other way round? Either way the window of their HQ in East London lets you star in your own Royal Postcard.