The Graduates 2014: Catch up with 2013 grads, Bianca Tuckwell, Oliver Jennings and Callum Green

4 June 2014

It’s that time of the year again! Like the annual family get-together which sees you dragged reluctantly around a huge mahogany dining table with the large majority of your extended family to coo about how “well” (read: fat) you’re looking, we’re catching up with last years Graduates! Except our mahogany table is this website, and we’re cooing not about weight gain, but about all the cool stuff they’ve been doing. Without further ado then, here are Oliver Jennings, Bianca Tuckwell and Callum Green to update us on all of there achievements since last summer.


Callum Green: A Narrative Of My Career At Sea, The Memoirs of Captain John Madge: Graphic

Callum Green -

The last year has been an exciting, intense blur. I had a chance to do more than I ever thought was humanly possible, which all started almost exactly a year ago when I first began my summer internship with INT Works, It’s Nice That’s sister agency. This internship progressed to freelance work, and now a full-time art director position.

This meant I had to take the plunge and move into London, which was daunting and exciting in equal measures. I still venture back home for the odd Exeter City/Chiefs game though, as there’s nothing better than the countryside, especially while living in London.

During the time I’ve been at INT Works, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous exciting artists and creators, producing books that are meant to be destroyed, putting on workshops, working in a football stadium, and moving studios. As well as all this, I have tried to continue pushing my personal work. Developing my university projects, drawing typefaces, making promotional work for galleries, working with a record label, helping friends out, contributing to Secret 7"s, writing, and generally trying to enjoy things.

Thanks INT Works and It’s Nice That for the last year, you guys are ace.


Oliver Jennings: Bio-Symphony: Music of the Plants

Oliver Jennings -

I’ve got a new installation at Chelsea Flower Show! Bio-Symphony: Music of the Plants is an audio-visual installation which allows the audience to hear real-time activity in plant life through sound. I used the same device as in my degree show work to analyse bio-activity and convert the readings into musical notes on a keyboard, allowing a live translation of the plant’s behaviour and responses to its environment. We picked plants according to how they use their energy: fruiting, foliage, succulent and flowering, and each one produces its own unique soundtrack. As the only art exhibit at Chelsea it is one of the only things that isn’t a show garden.

It also features my new film about my trip to stay at Damanhur – a spiritual community in Northern Italy who have spent the last 30 years researching plant consciousness – and the includes footage they have converted for me out of their Super-8 archive, along with lots of animation and a plant music soundtrack.


Bianca Tuckwell: For WWF

Bianca Tuckwell -

Thing is, I don’t really rate what I have done in the year as super credible or amazing, but I’ll tell you anyway!

In September the handmade book of The Growth That is Our Own Cradle was sold at the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery. Outside of freelance photographic commissions for musicians and other photographers, I’ve been working for the WWF (pandas, not hulk hogan). I’ve done some pretty cool photo-shoots for them, including being one of the main commissioned press photographers for Earth Hour, as well as architectural shots of the new cool headquarters in Woking.

I’m also now a part of the very great photographic collective called Route. We recently curated and exhibited in London as part of our launch, and we’ve got lots of cool ideas and projects coming up.


We are very pleased that The It’s Nice That Graduates 2014 will once again be supported by Represent Recruitment. The graphic design recruitment specialists have developed a peerless reputation working with designers of all levels and matching them up with the right positions in some of the top agencies around. Represent’s support has helped us grow the Graduate scheme over recent years and we are thrilled they have partnered with us again in 2014.

This year’s Graduates artwork is by Callum Green

Callum was one of the It’s Nice That Graduates 2013 and has since gone on to be an art director at London based creative agency, INT Works. You can check out more of his work over here on his site.

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