Muhammad Ali: Three-time world heavyweight champion and silver-tongued boxer

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The Infinity League: a gif archive remembering sporting legends

Creatives Dan Koo and Matt Garcia recently masterminded a side project in the form of The Infinity League, a series of gifs based on the legends of sport which made us wish we’d thought of it first. “We’re two sports fanatics that happen to be creative and felt like there wasn’t a fitting enough tribute for the sports legends we grew up with,” the duo explain. “So we put our heads together and with a few beers came up with The Infinity League, a place where we create gifs that never end for sports legends that’ll never die.”

The pair concept each gif together. Dan brings the pair’s ideas to life with illustration and animation while Matt works up the captions. “At the moment we have 11 gifs that span across six sports and we’re in the process of adding more,” Dan and Matt say. Among the gifs is “three-time world heavyweight champion and silver-tongued boxer” Muhammad Ali, depicted as a butterfly blowing up to be replaced by a cartoon of the jabbing boxer. Basketball star Michael Jordan takes the form of a goat, chewing on a number 23 shirt, a pair of Air Jordans strung round his neck. “Next up is Dale Earnhardt,” The Infinity League tells us.


Babe Ruth: The founding member of the 700 Home Run Club


Larry Bird: Only person in NBA history to be named MVP, Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year


Jim Brown: The most powerful running back in NFL history… also starred in Mars Attack!


Gordie Howe: In 26 NHL seasons, Howe played in 23 all-star games


Kobe Bryant: His deadly style of play earned him five NBA championships and the nickname Black Mamba


Mia Hamm: Two-time olympic gold medalist and the face of women’s soccer for over a decade


Michael Jordan: Crowned the G.O.A.T. of basketball


Phil Jackson: 11 World Championships as head coach earned him the nickname “Zen Master”


Pat Summitt: Won eight NCAA championships and first NCAA head coach to reach 1,000 wins


Wilt Chamberlain: Only NBA player to score 100 points in a single game