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The Weekender

Another week over eh! Another month! Perhaps we should take this opportunity to marvel at the fleeting nature of time and its fickle nature as the barometer of our hopes and dreams? Or we could indulge in some flippant weekend-based japery and all go to the pub. Allez le weekend!

Best of the Blog

Johnny Kelly’s animation Back to the Start has been all over the place this week, but our interview was one of the few places where you could actually hear from the man himself. Talking of first-hand accounts, our very own Maya Davies has just got back from Beijing and gave us a really interesting insight into a few things Chinese. And talking of insights, Ben Grasso’s paintings show us what our houses might look like if they were torn apart by a nameless but omnipotent force. Which is handy, so we chatted to him too.

Best of the rest

A blinding week over at The Guardian who gave us not only the brilliant post-it note wars, but also carried the full text of Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s Mctaggart lecture – a must read for anyone in the media. (The Guard-sters get an honourable mention too for this great graphic design feature which is superb). But for something a little more frivolous, DeZeen featured the world’s best swimming pools, and you know how much of a sucker we are for a top ten…

Tweet of the Week

“Man busted for sex with raft.”
Getting people to click on a Twitter link is an artform, but the fellas at @BoingBoing seem to have mastered it (ok, ok, here’s the link).

Anticipatory 10 seconds of the week…

But how short is the world’s shortest train going to be?

Potential floodgate opening of the week

Apparently Samsung’s lawyers used 2001:A Space Odyssey as proof that Apple didn’t invent tablet technology. Lawyers will literally try anything…

Graph of the week

Ever feel bamboozled by how to sign off an email? Then consult this handy chart.

Addictive but ultimately pointless Wikipedia page of the week

A rundown of fictitous diseases from films, books etc. We love it (unless of course we are sufefring from Say The Opposite of What You Mean disease, circa Ace Ventura Pet Detective). Which we’re not (or are we?).

Record keepers of the week

The Libyan security forces, according to this amazing photo essay from The Wall Street Journal.

Sire our child too Jay-Z, you tinker!