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The Weekender

Does anyone really care about Halloween? It’s come from nowhere over recent years to become a tiresome fancy-dress fixture and suddenly anyone who doesn’t dress up is dismissed as a fun-hating party-pooper. Well no more! Let’s take a stand people, let every one of us go forth and scream: “I WILL NOT DRESS UP AS A MASSIVE WIZARD.” And so, The Weekender…

Best of the blog

This week was all about marvel. We marveled at these posters for legendary cities, we marveled more at Jessica Wohl’s weird and wonderful hairy staircase and we topped up our marvel with some genuine disbelief at Keith Schofield’s INSANE new video for Duck Sauce…

Best of the rest

Wired had an excellent design review of the original iPod ten years after its launch, The Telegraph picture essay on Henri Matisse’s books was a joy and Dezeen thrilled us with this feature on a terrific tree based project.

Tweet of the week

“You can guarantee that if you come out of a bathroom without drying your hands properly, you’ll bump into someone who wants to shake hands.”
Oh we’ve been there @marcusfairs, and for the record shouting: “It’s not wee,” never works…

Car of the week

We’ll level with you loyal Weekender reader – we’re not really petrol-heads here at it’s Nice That, but George Harrison’s psychedelic mini stole our hearts…

Baffling-yet-addictive Flickr stream of the week

This guy just likes to record where he’s been. In exactly the same way. Again and again and again.

Disturbing horse-accessory of the week

From its name, to the way it actually looks, this Sleazy Sleepwear for horses is, um, unusual.

Grateful crustaceans of the week

These hermit crabs will be right on trend with their new 3D printed shells.

Beachcomber of the week

Take a bow Jeff Hindman, who got his hands on an eight foot high Lego man in Florida. Also huge fans of the introduction to The New York Post article about the story, which reads: “An eight-foot-tall Lego man was found washed up on a Florida beach Tuesday — prompting more questions than answers.”

Well, yeah, giant toy men tend to do that…

Enjoy the weekend you fuzzy-faced fun-sters!