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The Weekender

I don’t care if Monday’s black, (it was), Tuesday, Wednesday – heart attack (more of an issue), Thursday never looking back (ok), it’s Friday, I’m in love! All aboard the good ship Weekender!

Best of the blog

This week we fell in love with Lana del Ray’s video for Video Games and watched it more than is probably normal. Talking of normal, the masterful Ursus Wehrli is on a one-man mission to normalise the inherent randomness of everyday life, which is fascinating. And talking of fascination, none other than film director Garth Jennings gave us a whizz round his Bookshelf this week. I need a lie down.

Best of the rest

The indefatigable Coolhunter team wowed us with a wonderful feast for the eyes all about wood, this fabulous blog showed us how the people of Libya are marking their defiance through street art and graffiti and this amazing video on io9 gave us a glimpse at the earliest pixar animation around.

Tweet of the week

“Looking in the mirror just felt really mundane so I added a plaintive ‘Who am I?’”
@lenadunham goes in for some magnificent melodrama.

Niche hobby of the week (in playlet form)

– What’s that? Yeah I’m into culture too. Yeah, no, definitely. I actually have my own website.
– Oh wow. What kind of website?
– Design I suppose you’d call it. Product design…
– You are just full of surprises. What kind of things do you feature?
Aeroplane sick bags mostly.
– Get away from me.

Mental image of the week

This is absolutely beautifully written, and the escalator story is an elegiac meditation on the nature of loyalty and love. Kind of.

Law enforcer of the week

The London police force have had a rough ride over recent weeks, with many “media commentators” suggesting they are out of touch with real people. Well watch this video of the Met’s finest owning the Notting Hill Carnival “media commentators” – and shut the heck up! (Found via viceland.com)

Last minute holiday plans of the week

The tale of the poor drunken elk has done the rounds this week, but the brilliant line: “It is not unusual…to see elk drunk in Sweden during autumn” almost made me get on a plane bound for Stockholm there and then.

Simple pleasure of the week

If this doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you should probably see someone (YOU HEARTLESS DRONE).

I see your Friday and I raise you a Saturday – represent!