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The Weekender

Listen up Weekendudes and Weekendettes, have I got a fact for you. So it turns out the South Kensington area of London where all the museums are is known as Albertropolis. How fricking sweet is that, and what a boost for all of us with names that end in “-bert” who up to now have had only the nagging fear someone might call us Bertie. My desk has been renamed Robertropolis and it has laws and a flag and a national anthem (I’ll sing it if you ask me nicely). Where was I? Oh yes, live from Robertropolis, it’s the Weekender!….

Best of the website

This week the senior archduke of Robertropolis went to Albertropolis to be excited by the ambitious plans for the new Design Museum, meanwhile we got all gooey over some cracking graphic design, courtesy of ManvsMachine’s new More4 ident and the entire portfolio of Joel Evey.

Best of the rest

Our more serious sated this week by these lovely Air Vases we sniffed out on Today and Tomorrow, and these incredible infographics representing the headspinning facts about YouTube. Our slightly less serious side was tickled by this illustrated review of recent Spielberg blockbuster Warhorse. Must stop quoting the darn thing.

Tweet of the week

“I once bought a Bonnie Tyler satnav. It was rubbish. Kept telling me to turn around and every now and then it fell apart.”
@Synthjock tickles my major fancy, 1980s power ballad references.

Movie-based lampoon of the week

There’s been a few remarks over recent years about the increasing worthiness you need to get nominated for an Oscar (for further reading on this see the Kate Winslet episode of Extras.) But few responses have been so funny, and punctured this pretension so perfectly as this, so hats off to the chaps at The Shiznit for these spoof posters

Puzzler of the week

Does anyone still make good time lapse videos? Conclusively, yes. This Yosemite offering is a beaut but for sheer, sped-up hurly burly this Ho Chi Minh city video is wonderfully insane.

Red-faced marketing team of the week

McDonalds had a great idea – why not start a hashtag and get people to post really exciting lovely stories about how everything they do is so darn brilliant. One problem, nobody explained the rules to Twitter. Even as someone partial to the odd Big Mac, this is very funny…

Unlikely pun of the week

So you’ve just completed the stealth fighter jet that is going to protect an entire content. What do you not do? A) Lend it to Mel Gibson at a party. B) Try and save a few quid by making the windows out of yoghurt tops. C) Undermine the whole project by shoehorning an excruciating pun into the name, a pun so awful it really needs to be capped up. Ladies and gentleman, we present the nEUROn…

‘Why?Don’t know, it’s funny though’ of the week

A whole Tumblr featuring pictures of baldy beefcake Ross Kemp folded to make him look a bit ridiculous. GENIUS.

Three cheers for everyone!