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The Weekender

When I was just a little weekly culture round-up, I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Here’s what she said to me: I’m not your real mum. It was so awkward. Anyway I’ve moved on, you should too. On to business…

Best of the site

This week we went all giddy at the BAFTA-stic illustrations Eda Akaltun produced for Sunday night’s ceremony, we were bamboozled by love and respect for Synoptic Office and we dug the new UNKLE video…

Best of the rest

Seth Casteel’s underwater dog pictures were everywhere this week and we can’t quite remember where we first came across them, but The Guardian gallery is as good a place as any to explore them. Meanwhile as London Fashion Week starts, Dazed Digital had a great feature on some possible stars of the future, and Colossal did what Colossal do best – uncovered something bonkers and brilliant – this week, Bonsai Tree Houses.

Tweet of the week

“Boiler Man has definitely noticed my kimono.”
Now this will take some explaining. This week comedian @michaellegge started tweeting about a visit from his Boiler Man. Fair enough you might think, but this carried on for days with Legge’s attempts to win over his new friend/hostage becoming increasingly bizarre and hilarious. There’s a serious point to be made here about emerging forms of online literature, but more than anything it was just bloody funny. You can track the whole saga here.

Lego hero of the week

“So turns out the joke’s on you. All those times you said I was wasting my time with my LEGO? Well I was making amazing scenes from Back to the Future II. No, the second one. The one where Marty almost stops himself being conceived. You do remember! Anyway look how frigging excellent they are – and the internet LOVES them!”

Blouse of the week

The one worn by Eric Clapton’s grandma in this super series of pictures showing rock stars with their families.

Morbid but compelling Wikipedia entry of the week

This list of unusual deaths is impossible to tear yourself away from. Death by too much carrot juice? Yikes.

Valentine’s Day round up of the week

So it’s over for another year, but as usual there was plenty of online chatter around this most sacred of days when the world unites to exclude people self-assured enough to be single. We liked this review of phrases to take off your online dating profile. We balked at the idea of beef roses (not as rude as it sounds). And we doffed our cap to this…

Jaw-dropping read of the week

Artist Neil Harbisson hears colour thanks to a special head camera. Utterly fascinating.

Que sera, que sera indeed…