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The Weekender

So it turns out there’s this thing called science and it’s freaking awesome!! There’s loads of numbers and bunsen burners and white coats and they make stuff fly and cure you and work underwater. It’s insane. Anyway this is a bandwagon we want to jump on, so we’ve come up with a formula so you too can make The Weekender in your home or lab. Irreverence2 x 4π megalolz + insane creative talent (of others, obviously) ≠ The Weekender. Let’s do this…

Best of the site

This week we messed with your minds. We showed you photos that looked like planets then told you they were pans and you were staggered. We showed you bacon typography and you were impressed and hungry in equal measure. And we showed you these intricate book sculptures and you wondered what you’ve been doing with your life. PSYCHE!

Best of the rest

Seven days, LOADS of great stuff to digest. Loved The Evening Standard’s interview with Jonathan Ive (and the headline “The iMan Cometh”). We also enjoyed this piece about whether Google+ has a design problem on The New York Times site, and then our brains hurt so we looked at Dominic Wilcox’s Jaffa Cake nibbled British icons and watched the trailer for On the Road.

Tweet of the week

“If I leave Facebook, how will I show the people from school that my life is better than theirs? Do I send them a newsletter or something?
A good point from @mr_bingo about online showing-off.

Mind f**k of the week

According to this excellent piece 10% of all the photos that exist have been taken in the past 12 months.

Addendum of the week

In last week’s Weekender (nostalgic aside, “Remember how young we were then?!”) we flagged up the kind of advert we want to see more of. Hot on its heels came this, which even conceding its acknowledged debt of gratitude to the PowerThirst series, is great…

About time advice of the week

Have you ever been at a talk or conference and during the obligatory Q & A, after the initial, embarrassed-staring-at-the-floor phase, someone raises their hand. At first you’re thrilled the tension has been broken – and then they say something so toe-curlingly inept, so rambling and boring and rude and meaningless that you have to stab them with a biro (JOKE!). They needed this site…

Dog transformation of the week (1)

Take a dog. Shave it a bit. pretend it’s a rare lion. Scare off burglars. That’s thinking outside the box amigos

Phrase of the week

“Fat buttery words,” as found in this excellent introduction letter from a Hollywood screenwriter…

Dog transformation of the week (2)

To paraphrase Ron Burgundy, that Dalmation is riding a bike…

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