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The Weekender: A greedy hamster, a funny dog and Joey Barton, art critic

You know what we need? A new word. A word that in one fell swoop encapsulates what it means to be The Weekender. The wit, the wisdom, the taste, the beauty, the style and the modesty. The ceaseless striving for online excellence and the razor-sharp writing. The terrifying strength and the mesmerising shimmies. The delicate empathy and elegant verbosity. But how would we even begin to coin such an all-powerful word, I hear you ask? We will pick two words at random and splice them together, that’s how. And so, for you, equivabomination! Job’s a good ‘un, non? Ever onwards….

Best of the site

This week we lusted over these weirdly lovely sofas based on cellular mutation, we learned why illustrator Emiliano Ponzi is so loved by the media , and we laughed (how we laughed) at this promo flash stunt for TNT…

Best of Best of the Web

Our new homepage feature sees us flag up a lot of great stuff every ruddy day so we thought we better point you in the direction of some belters.This was the week we found out where The Simpsons is really set, we marvelled at the police forensics who helped a blind author recover her work after her pen ran out without her realsiing and we LOVED this little entrepreneur…

Best of the rest

Sometimes the world feels good. You get to look at rectangular snakes or lovely artefacts from the new Egyptian art show at the New York Met. But sometimes the world is confusing, like when divisive footballer Joey Barton gives us a video tour of the Lucian Freud show. This is happening.

Tweet of the week

“Has anyone filled a hot water bottle with soup? Seems to me we’ re all missing a midnight snack opportunity here.”
We’re on it @tkingdoll.

Canine banter of the week

Absolutely love this Tumblr of texts from a dog, particularly the BatDog mentions. As our top Tumblr it just edged out Chandler Dancing on Things, a Friends-based wonder that scores especially well because it takes requests…

Why did this take so long? musing of the week

Some videos are so random you can’t comprehend how they came into being (Dumb and Dumber trailer redone in the style of Inception for example!). But putting together a series of silent Nicholas Cage clips in homage to his namesake’s famous 4’33 just seems so obvious…

Rodent/reason why local newspapers are brilliant of the week

And so to Northampton where Smurf the hamster eats a magnet and gets stuck to the bars of his cage. The mental image is almost perfect…

Oooooooh drugs of the week

Form and content collide beuatifully with this smokeable book of Snoop Dog lyrics. Let’s get crunked!!!! (does that even mean anything?)

Glimpse of the future of the week

Forget research, monitoring social media, blog reviews etc etc. This the way we will all work out whether something is good or not in the future.

I just had something in my eye of the week

If you can watch this and not get a little bit choked up, then you are made of actual stone.

See you for next week’s equivabominatonal knees-up!