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The Weekender – shaved alpacas, a meta Facebook delight and a very cool frog

This week The Weekender has packed its bags and come away to Amsterdam, a city predominantly famous for its excellent tram system. What’s that? Really? It’s legal! Whatever next? That too?! My tram-spotting plans are starting to look a little staid. Let’s do this thing first, European style (imagine an accordion playing throughout).

Best of the site

This week we were wowed by these amazing artists’ studios, double wowed by these layered photos of carousels and triple-wowed (and a little humbled) by this incredible single-take paralympic video.

Best of best of the web

This week we agreed that digital designers should embrace humour more, snooped round the new Google campus and popped our eyes at these teeny tiny food sculptures.

Best of the rest

There was some musing to be done this week – over whether Jay Z has a new career as a logo designer, over just how genius is the mind that plotted The Social Network as a Facebook timeline and whether anything brings such simple joy as shorn Austrian alpacas.

Tweet of the week

“Something’s only a spoiler if it genuinely spoils your enjoyment of the whole movie, e.g learning a massive twist or that Nic Cage is in it.”
This made me chuckle from @Olly_Richards, but dude Adaptation?

Scissors of the week

Utterly compelling day in the life video of Los Angeles’ oversized ceremonial scissors.

Reading list of the week

We’re very proud of our Bookshelf feature and we get some amazing names on board but the chance to see what maths genius, code-breaker extraordinaire and father of modern computing Alan Turing liked to leaf through is an absolute privilege.

Spoilsports of the week

Remember that rubbish fake ID Stephen Manning made for you that somehow worked when you went into pubs aged 14? Well now bouncers are checking social network profiles

Photoshopped Barack Obama of the week

Graphic designer Everett Hiller likes to throw a massive party every year and then Photoshop celebrities into the pictures. I’m not sure why either but some of them are ruddy brilliant.

Amphibian of the week

This chap…

You can stop imagining the accordion now.