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The Weekender – lights, Lego does Dante and Justin Bieber’s “ringtone voice”

Do you think Adele gets bored of winning things? She gets so many awards I can’t work out what she does with them all. Maybe if you trick and treat Adele you get given a Grammy or something. Or she wraps them up and doles them out at Christmas to her unimpressed cousins. I’ve had a think and maybe Adele should make her next album a bit worse so she doens’t have to go through all this rigmarole again? Just a thought. Thank me later Adele (not with a Brit)…. And so here we are again…

Best of the site

This week we actually said “Amaze-balls” (out-loud!) at 100,000 LEDs floating down a Tokyo river. Suitably stunned we got another smack round the chops of awesomeness thanks to Matthias Heidrich’s candy-stripe photos and then nibbled on the loveliness of Justin Mezzell’s illustrative brilliance.

Best of best of the web

This week there was good-sense about out-of-date icons, beautiful maps and a thought-provoking look at digital durability (much less dull than it sounds).

Best of the rest

We mentioned the tributes to Maurice Sendak in this parish last week but come the weekend The New York Times wowed us again with some commemorative illustrations from some seriously-talented admirers. Brain Pickings charmed the dimples off us with the help of a Little Bird and The Telegraph drew our attention to Lego models of Dante’s nine circles of hell. And rightly so.

Tweet of the week

“What if cats have their own internet and it’s full of pictures of us.”
Good point @xstex. We’ll look into it post haste.

Weirdly compelling chart of the week

Want to know how common your birthday is? You know you do…

Sorry in advance of the week

This is kind of amazing, but is definitely going to get stuck in your head. All together now, “Very very good and very very cheap!”

Quotation of the week

GQ sent Drew Magary over to the States recently to interview Justin Bieber. It’s a brilliant piece well worth reading in full (not least because they almost have a boxing match) and is genuinely insightful as to the existence of one of pop music’s true megastars. Best of all though, it includes this line: “His voice is so high, it sounds like a ringtone.”

I always wondered that of the week

You know on films when someone snorts/injects some bad naughty drugs? Well find out here what they are actually taking…

Soundboard of the week

Some people are quite over soundboards. Some people haven’t spent a few minutes on the Tim Westwood soundboard

Let’s all go roll in the deep!