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The Weekender

It’s a little-known fact that the “weekend” is named after a small Scottish farmhand, “Wee Kend” who refused to work for two days a week because he thought his lord (evil) was making him and his peasant pals (wholesome) work too hard. You couldn’t make it up! Anyway here it comes…

Best of the blog

This week we spent a lot of time being wowed. We were wowed by this video from Joseph Keirs and Sef Tedder, once we worked out what the frick was going on. We were wowed by loads of Leslie David’s work but these pictures for Ornette were the best of the bunch. And we were wowed by fashionistas of a certain age on Ari Seth Cohen’s blindingly good Advanced Style blog. That’s a whole lot of wow.

Best of the rest

London life through a lens cropped up twice this week over at Creative Review, with Stiletto’s gorgeous shots of London in the so-near-yet-so-far world of the 1980s, and Dylan Collard’s fabulous, poignant record of some of his neighbourhood’s independent shops. Meanwhile immaculate scarf-wearer Justin McGuirk wrote an excellent in-depth essay about postmodernism for The Guardian and TodayTomorrow introduced us to the painter who wanted to paint infinity.

Tweet of the week

“If poundland did alcohol we would all be dead.”
@mattpsmith1989 nails the British attitude to booze in nine words.

Customer service gesture of the week

How annoyed do you have to be to request a hand-drawn dinosaur? How committed to your job have you got to be to provide one? Still, Steve Jones stepped up with his lovably goofy T Rex in a bid to placate an angry customer.

Disgruntled office stationery manager of the week

Where’s all the tape gone? We just had a delivery.

Spot-on camera work of the week

Alright Captain JoyKill, we accept Photoshop can work wonders. But stop being such a Suspicious Stephen and just revel in this joyous blog.

Dad of the week

This has been around for years, but that merely makes it even more impressive. Any man who draws on his kids’ lunch bags to brighten up their day gets our vote. Especially when he uses such awesome pop culture references. (Found at Shortlist.com)

Provocative television statement of the week

Entourage is just Mad Men set in modern times, apparently. Discuss.

Let’s go fight like dogs, flirt like frogs. Yummy!