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23 May 2016

It was another strong month of post here at the It’s Nice That office, with a lot of high quality pieces of work added to our vast and growing collection of Things. This made it a hard decision to narrow it down to just ten pieces to feature, so we tried to select a healthy mix of creatives disciplines across a variety of forms: from published magazines, books, a print, a miniature sculpture and exciting projects from blossoming new talent. As ever, thanks to everyone who sent us lovely packages, creative work and letters. At the risk of turning into hoarders, keep it coming! It’s always exciting to see what we unwrap next.

Charlotte Reeve: OSUN

Charlotte Reeve, an illustration graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, sent us in this rather beguiling booklet of photographs taken over three months on a 35mm film camera in Osun State, south west Nigeria. Beautifully shot, the risographic reproductions give the impression of sunshine filtered through tiny shards of coloured glass. Returning and reflecting repeatedly on the subjects of “nature and a strong sense of community,” the effect is deeply personal, with the shots looking less like they are seen through the lens of a camera, than seen firsthand by the viewer through the eyes of the photographer.

Hüman After All: Weapons of Reason

Weapons of Reason is a magazine with purpose: to turn knowledge into action. Published by Hüman After All its latest effort centres on the ramifications of an ageing world population. Strong uses of colour and infographics successfully drive the key discussions across, effectively contextualising the more detailed editorials. Now, take a second look at that cover. Clever!

Editpress: Parterre de Rois #4

Happiness. That is the subject matter in question for the fourth edition of this biannual magazine curated in Milan, and also very much the feeling it brought us here at It’s Nice That. Strong, image heavy and diverse in its visual content. The issue even has a second striking cover design hidden beneath its dust jacket!

Luke Healy: How to Survive in the North

Three narratives interweave throughout this comic book, unbroken by chapter or act. Humorously and poignantly juxtaposing the trials and tribulations of surviving an arctic expedition in the early 20th Century and a 21st Century mid-life meltdown, each is marked by distinct, complementarily muted colour palettes making the entire reading experience a fluid delight.

Dorothy: Inside Information: Apple Macintosh

The good people at Dorothy were kind enough to send us this striking cutaway poster inventively reimagining the internal world of the original Macintosh computer. A three colour litho print, the orange really makes the image, filled with whimsical little details throughout, pop.

Dave Ladd & Stephanie Anderson: Animals are Delicious

This one made us laugh. Quirky, educational and distinctive, the volume includes three fold-outs detailing the food chains for the land, sea and sky. Evocative of vintage school project dioramas and museum displays, it wouldn’t look terribly out of place a Wes Anderson film. While certainly one for the children, beware of sudden devastating revelations as you discover your favourite animal is another beast’s breakfast.

Amardeep Singh: What’s It Like? Do I Like It?

This photographic travelogue is oddly devoid of human life, save for two anonymous people occupying two singular brief moments. Combined with tightly zoomed views of buildings, street views and skies makes for an intriguing window into the introverted worldview of the artist, Amardeep Singh. Intelligent composition “plac[ing] the photo on the page relative to the position/angle of my head in the space where the photo was taken” compels the viewer into the headspace of the decisive moment.

Emily Stein: Bubblegum

The lovely people at Hoxton Mini Press sent us this advance copy of Emily Stein’s photos collected and bound into a new book. With a clean and simple design throughout the pictures are allowed to convey the joie de vivre of the subject matter. We previously featured the work on the website two years ago, and it is lovely to see the project being distributed in the first in a series of playful art photography. Alfie, the office sausage dog, even took a shine to this one!

MC1R #4

Here’s another project we have featured before, and it is nice to have it back in our hands. The visual language has developed in strides, with strong typography and layouts of suffuse with the red and orange tones of the people featured. The mixture of illustrations, photography and thoughtful editorials keeps MC1R a cut above the rest.

Chisel & Mouse: London #79

We now have some architecture in our office: tiny scaled down architecture crafted from a combination of satellite imagery, 3D printing and hand-moulding, by sculptors Robert and Gavin Paisley. Our 1:5,000 model houses the City of London with some of its most iconic buildings dutifully reproduced.

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