This week’s Things is print-tastic. We have the Peter Andre Saliva Tree from Peter James Field, illustrating a fantastically researched flow chart of celebrities linked to one another by their saliva; issue two of Clinic magazine, packed with creative writing, photography and illustration; a book designed by Marque Creative on Dandelion – the UK pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010; a set of red, white and black prints from a selection of designers included in Simon Garfield’s new book, Just My Type; and a selection of excellent prints from illustrator Luke Drozd.

Peter Andre Saliva Tree Peter James Field

Sinitta and Brad Pitt? Are you joking? This fold-out print is like a tasteful review of the last 50 years of every gossip magazine there is. Start at Peter Andre and work your way through a tangle of celebrity faces to work out just how his saliva connects him to the likes of Frank Sinatra, or Clint Eastwood. A huge print of this magnificent (and curiously exciting) print is now on show at KK Outlet.

Clinic II Rachel Allen, Sam Buchan-Watts, Sean Roy Parker, Andrew Parkes

Young poets and artists come together in the second Clinic zine to create a little publication bursting with unpretentious creativity. Some notably great illustrations by Paul Layzell and some offbeat photos taken by Patrick Tsai. The subtle page by page, poem by poem adjusting of the text and structure – and its effect on how you read it – works magnificently.

Dandelion Kate Goodwin. Design by Marque Creative

Internationally-renowned design studio, Marque Creative have produced an in-depth look into the making of the UK pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Exploring the cultural effects of architecture in Shanghai, the book is an exploration of one of the most impressive looking structures of 2011, and a great account of the realising of the fascinating seed cathedral concept by Heatherwick Studio.

Just My Type Simon Garfield

A set of beautiful red, white and black prints by Jonathan Barnbrook, Margaret Calvert, Stephen Coles, Cyrus Highsmith, Eiichi Kono and Erik Spiekermann to celebrate the launch of Just my Type; a typeface book by Simon Garfield. Simply executed and stamped with the indomitable character of each design heavyweight, it was hard to choose a favourite but Mr Barnbrook took the gold/biscuit.

Luke Drozd Luke Drozd

Luke Drozd kindly sent in some posters he has been printing for the likes of SXSW, Animal Collective and other very cool gigs and festivals. As well as his colourful grunge posters he also practises fine art and makes badges (are these mutually exclusive?). In the cover letter that arrived with the package, he provided a brief bio to the tune of “I am a man, I make things.”

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