10 December 2011

As a special treat for this week’s Things we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into how it works. The postman comes, sometimes he rings the bell (if his stash is too big for our letterbox) and sometimes he doesn’t. We make a grab for the creative stuff, and the top five make Things. Actually in retrospect that’s a pretty dull behind-the-scenes. Luckily the actual work in ANYTHING but dull…

Hunger Rankin

The first issue of Rankin’s new project Hunger is a sturdy beast of a magazine, weighing in at over 500 pages. Highlights include interviews with cover star Rhys Ifans and Matthew Macfadyen, a stunning series of illustrations by the uber-talented Von of figures like Plan B, Ashley Walters and Michael Sheen and an extraordinary feature on some of the people who made Life magazine the iconic American institution it is today.

39 People Attempt to Draw The Prince Symbol from Memory Michael Crowe

We don’t really know how to say this, but Michael Crowe kind of makes us go weak at the knees. The man’s work is just so fricking charming, we’re not made of stone dammit! His latest zine has done nothing to buck the trend – a simple if leftfield idea presented with impeccable taste and restraint. Sigh.

Characters Oscar Bolton Green

Young illustrator Oscar Bolton Green’s new book is a real gem. His reductive renderings of street-life scenes strip the potentially edgy subject matter of all menace – and imbue them with a lo-fi, expressive wit. Anti-social behaviour never looked so good.

Opposites Attract California State University Graphic Design Show

Not content with living in one of the coolest places on earth, the 18 graduating students from the CSU graphic design class of 2011 are a ruddy talented lot as well. The beautiful catalogue they have produced for their end of year show features some brilliant projects all tied together with an eye-catching black and electro-coral colour scheme.

Folio Merve Kaptan and Charlie Coffey

The Folio team describe their mission as to “operate as an exhibition space on paper” and the first issues have pulled it off with aplomb. There’s a less-is-more approach to the layout which translates into a cool, calm reading experience, and there’s some neat tricks along the way to keep you on your toes. There’s also a wonderfully-eclectic selection of artists chosen for each issue, with a bias for (great) photography supplemented by some cracking choices like Matt Lomas and his Eight Psychogeographic Walks.

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