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Things: Droodles, some cracking mags and something better than cramp

It’s Easter so while we put the finishing flourishes on our Easter bonnets (ribbons are heavily present this year), we decided to unload our bountiful basket of Things. While inedible they’re definitely a feast for your eyes and this week there’s a right mix of goodies, so let’s get cracking!   


Evah Fan: Droodles


Evah Fan: Droodles


Evah Fan: Droodles

Droodles Evah Fan

Everyone love a puzzle book right? Well forget your sudokus and your crosswords because Californian illustrator, Evah Fan’s first puzzle zine is fun, charming and unique. The pocket-sized pamphlet takes inspiration from “Droodles”, the nonsense 1950s word that combines “doodle”, “drawing” and “riddle” to make one puzzling package. Created by a minimal use of lines, an ambiguous picture is constructed often with a hidden, unpredictable meaning (which you’re of course compelled to work out). The bright, simple design of Evah’s own droodles makes this one a keeper.


Rosie Lee: Run Dem Crew Print


Rosie Lee: Run Dem Crew Print

Run Dem Crew Half Marathon Print Rosie Lee

Usually, after you do a run you get a weird metallic blanket and an energy drink. And cramp. But to celebrate the Run Dem Crew’s Herculean half-marathon heroics in Berlin last week, Rosie Lee produced this gorgeous gold and purple print which is much, much better than cramp any which way you look at it.


Oi Polloi: Pica Post


Oi Polloi: Pica Post


Oi Polloi: Pica Post

Pica~Post No.3 Oi Polloi

Published by clothing store Oi Polloi, purveyors of fine threads, the bi-annual publication has gone through a bit of a revamp since the last issue – a bigger format printed on a glossier stock and we like it a lot. The main difference (and the biggest improvement as well) is that a lot more content has been commissioned with our favourite being the Ray Chan ‘Ordsall Angling Adventure’ feature at the back. There’s nothing better than menswear and fish heads.


n + 1


n + 1

n + 1 Issue 13

There are certain events that mark the passing of the seasons and make our hearts flutter with excitement. The thrice yearly arrival o the uber-excellent n+one journal is one such landmark and this thirteenth issue combines the weighty ideas and smart design that has made its predecessors so successful. Good-looking and not afraid to engage with big complex themes, this is a must-have for the shelf of ay self-respecting culture vulture.


Draw It With Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment Paper Monument

It’s easy to think that every book about art has already been written but there are still a few untapped gems left especially in that elusive cave of art teaching. The editors at contemporary art journal Paper Monument (sister mag of n+1) have produced a wonderful book all about it after asking a huge amount of artists and teachers, both big-name and lesser-known, to speak about the best art assignments they’ve given, received or ever heard of. They’ve collated them all into an informal, chatty and informative book that is accessible to literally everyone, with 89 entries in total, including contributions from Liam Gillick, John Baldessari, Chris Kraus and Amy Sillman to name but a few.