25 February 2012

A back-breakingly heavy box of Things was carted across the studio yesterday morning, plunked down table side and attacked with fervor – such was the wealth that spilledeth over the sides of our beloved plastic Things tub. And what diverse riches they are – illustration for calming, illustration for bending your head, plus loads of graphics tackling all things from digital art to the London riots! Heave her up and away she goes!

Memphis Poster Michael Willis and Human Empire

London-based illustrator Mr. Michael Willis was called “the uncrowned king of the 80s” by his partners in crime, The Human Empire. The two came together to produce a behemoth of American-homage kitsch that is Memphis Poster. There’s a leopard-print clad babe crouched on a geo-prene (thats a geometric and neoprene hybrid) throw rug accompanied by some wacky furniture that altogether resemble an outsided toddler’s playpen. We are so down.

Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy Triple Canopy and Project Project

This chunky volume is at once an archive of groundbreaking online magazine Triple Canopy’s digital content and an experiment in translating works which once existed in another form. Whew! In classic high-minded style they’ve aimed to do honour to the work as it’s moved from digital to print, allowing it to " fully inhabit the page". We think they’ve pulled it of in grand style – Invalid Format contains a wealth of projects from the discerning magazine’s back catalogue and presents it all in a very tidy, very likable layout. A worthy read!

England’s Burning % Stephen McCarthy%

Another cracker from Unit Editions, this time a project conceived of and designed by Stephan McCarthy, England’s Burning retells the story of last summer riots entirely in pictograms. Beginning with the shooting in Tottenham and going straight through to persecution, this is a punchy piece whose well chosen graphics are at once a light and weight take on an event whose cultural impact will not doubt resonate for while yet. Great to see this a sharp voice thrown into the conversation.

Lapin a Carcassonne Agglo Lapin

Lapin has got a pretty sweet gig – getting personally invited by cities around spend a while wandering, observing, and documenting the space and it’s inhabitants with his quick-witted pen and paintbrush. Well after looking through his latest “facsimile sketchbook” of Carcassibbe Agglo in the South of France its easy to see why: his timeless combination of black pen and watercolour is just so ridiculously charming. Lapin’s traveled far and wide on the back of his merits, sketching from Mexico to Tokyo to Spain, but this return to his French roots is a penetrating yet gentle examination of a beautiful little world we feel happy to catch a glimpse of.

Private View Invite The Edge of Print

I’m of the belief that the invitation can make or break an event, and these little concept-envelopes for next week’s The Edge of Print exhibition get an A+ in the “makes-me-wanna-go-to-that” category. This group of Kingston design students have created promotional material which is as much an expression of their ideals as it is a beautiful object. Edge explores the union between the digital and the physical in the world of print – likewise the envelope an the card cannot convey their message without working together. A lovely little concept, executed to a T!

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