3 March 2012
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It’s been a nice week, hasn’t it? Bit ‘a sunshine and all that! Some of us went to see some art, others chased the new Routemaster bus down Balls Pond Road, and all of us worked our bums off to bring you the best lil’ website we could possibly come up with. So let’s round things out nice and tidy with another epic selection of Things! It’s a bit of a wacky one – I’ll warn you.

Francesco Sampinato: Go Human Not Ape

Here in front of me, I have “a series of portraits of ape-men represented in cinema and television in the 20th century.” Could I ever anticipate something like this being in front of me? Perhaps not, but it’s here now, and I’m loving it. It’s a no muss, no fuss account of the various ape-men in entertainment culture – a flip-book of film stills that proves, as Mr. Charles Darwin asserts in the book’s opening (and only) text that yes, man and ape have always been as one. This is the first in a line of books to be released in a larger series called BlisterZine.

Ben Rayner: (Un)Familiar

Greenbank Editions have brought out a book for photo wizz kid Ben Rayner, who’s clicked his shutter for a slurry of mags and brands like Vogue, Dazed, Converse and Levi’s. He’s certainly earned his kudos; Ben makes taking eye catching, off-the-cuff snaps look effortless. Familiar features new photos taken in a number of cities. In these pages you’ll find your friends, your local weirdos, your regular bus journeys, all a bit familiar and yet a bit, well you get it.

Brett Ryder: Mastermind Exhibition Print

I’ve got a bit of a thing for Bolt Editions, the London Field-based illustration collective who just happen to have some of the best in the business under their wing. With their Masterminds exhibition now open at Brixton Village, this heartily joyful risograph from Brett Ryder pretty much sums up what these guys do best – printing and selling matter that promotes the work of talented artists and makes the world just a little bit brighter.

Chris Mizen: The Ampersand

An oft forgotten symbol for some – and obsession for others – the ampersand was probably due for a tribute song. And here it is, hot off the press and into our hands! Mizen certainly falls into the “obsessed” category but he’s got some fair points – as he says this unique symbol “can really finish off a typeface,” and gives designers “a chance to showcase artistic flair.” A beautifully conceived and cleanly executed project that delights as much as it informs.

Jonas Delaborde: Building Apocalypse City

French photographer and illustrator Jonas Delaborde choses to leave things a bit ambiguous with his latest project – there’s talk of an apocalypse, a year which last 260 days (20 months of 13 days), a cyclical process of old buildings turning into moss and mushrooms and new buildings taking their place. If you’re a bit confused it’s ok, so am I. But does it matter? It’s the weekend and these crazy colorful concept sketches are just about coolest architecture proposals for miles around.

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