10 March 2012
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Today the dictionary told me this stuff about “things” –"Thing [Noun]; 1. a material object without life or consciousness; an inanimate object".Inanimate object? Without life or consciousness, you say? Doesn’t sound much like our Things, if you ask me. Take that Mr. OED, ‘cuz this week’s Things are jumping off the page, out of your screen and into the circus of reality where they will mingle, dance, and bring joy to your life.

Love and Hats // Perfect Strangers Andy Rementer

Nothing says “yipeee!” like a new zine from Andy Rementer. This time he brings us Love and Hats, a story about the complications of romance begun over a brim, and Perfect Strangers, painted studies of people Andy doesn’t know. They’re short, they’re sweet, they’re loaded with long limbs and funny faces. It’s everything we wanted them to be, and more.

Gratutous Type No. 2 Elana Schlenker

Elana wowed us before and she’s been at it again, rounding up the best “typographic smut” she can get her grubby hands on. Presenting… the “bigger and better” second issue of Gratuitous Type! Don’t let the title fool you, this is good clean typographical fun, with a healthy dose of lusty candy buttons thrown in for some sport. Featuring top-notch interviews with Visual Editions, Wayne White and Astrid Stavro (to name a few), GT is moving up in the world while staying true to its down-home “zine-y” roots. Huzzah!

Romka Magazine Joscha Bruckert

Enough of flicking through random, anonymous photos on the internet – we want some images with a story behind them! Luckily for us we got Romka Magazine in the post this week and our longing for sentimentality was assuaged. Published by Joscha Bruckert, the magazine pulls together his “favorite photographs and the stories behind them.” Based on send-through submissions, it’s a fascinating photo album with a surprising amount of sentimental pull (I must admit I read I read it cover to cover upon opening). Joscha, you’re onto a good thing here.

Alexander Massouras: Three Moderately Cautionary Tales

Sometimes it’s fun to be taken on a journey when you have no idea where your going. Such is the experience of reading the three short stories that make up Three Moderately Cautionary Tales. Part sparse sentences, part sequential etchings on relief, Alexander Massouras tells tales with a beginning and an end and some random places in between. But no matter, it’s to be read not for the complex drama, but rather for the moments of poignant, poetic joy, and the very beautiful pictures of course.

Notebooks L’Imprimerie du Marais

Notebooks have been foiling, embossing, finishing and binding wonderful things for over 40 years. And now, to mark these four decades of excellence, French printing shop L’Imprimerie du Marais have commissioned eight international designers to apply their own artistic flair to eight little notebooks which they (thoughtfully) popped into a lovely little case and sent over to us. Like a box of chocolates, just when you think you’ve had the best one, you open the next and wow! Even better! Truly quality stuff that’s amped our love of printing up to 11.

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