December’s Things: Christmas take two

5 January 2018

It’s January, sigh… The festivities are over and it’s time to get back to work, back to the rain and back to barely seeing the light of day. However, here at It’s Nice That we basically get to celebrate Christmas all over again by opening all the exciting things you send to our door, so who are we to complain?

Daily Drawings – Joni Majer

To kick of the New Year, German illustrator Joni Majer sent us this pocket-size calendar of daily drawings – one for each day of the year. Coming in at just 7.4 × 10.5 cm, the calendar’s pages tearaway revealing a new drawing in Joni’s consistent monochromatic style to see you through 2018. Having also created a calendar for the previous two years, Joni describes this year’s edition as perfect for “everybody who loves twisted thoughts and ironic observations with a hint of philosophy”.

Season Zine, Issue 04

Season Zine describes itself as an “independent platform that champions female football and fashion fans first.” After launching in London back in 2016, it’s now in its fourth issue and is a firm favourite of ours. This latest issue focusses on the topic of money, discussing everything from Eni Aluko’s allegations against England Ladies’ manager Mark Sampson and the £80,000 of “hush” money that was subsequently offered to her as well as the gender pay gap that exists between the Women’s Super League and the Premier League. Oh, and it also comes with a sheet of stickers illustrated by Sandy van Helden – top notch!

Benedikt Luft

Sticking with the football/fashion theme, we also received this extremely nice scarf from Frankfurt-based illustrator Benedikt Luft. With one side featuring a cheeky side profile who’s hair goes on to form the stripes of the scarf, the other features the numbers zero to nine in Benedikt’s experimental typeface, Bergsee.

One can also think about something that is not acute – Jolanda Todt and Richard Rocholl

This little treasure was sent to us by Berlin-based Risograph printing press Colorama (among many other goodies). One can also think about something that is not acute is by Jolanda Todt and Richard Rocholl and features snippets found in the private book collection of a computer scientist, philosopher and journalist, and documentary filmmaker, born in the late 1940s and based in a small village near Berlin. Printed solely in yellow and black with hand drawn elements and French folded pages – featuring black and white photographs printed inside them – the book has a nostalgic, almost ghostly feel to it.

Catalog, Issue 14

Written by Leiven Lahaye and designed by Ott Metusala, Catalog is a “serial publication about cataloguing”. Also published and printed by Colorama, this issue is an overview of the previous issues, while also providing “the handiest of cataloguing tools – an addendum”. Throughout the publication corrections and annotations can be seen which provide context or improve previous information creating an ever-evolving hodgepodge of content.

Montefiore (specimen) – Colophon Foundry

Originally released in 2009, last year Colophon Foundry rereleased its type family, Montefiore, and with it came this visually slick type specimen. Loosely based on (particularly) UK road signage, the publication presents “re-imagined instances of signage”, all printed in metallic silver, blue, green and black with varnish patterns to add that extra “road sign-y” feel.


Sebastian Haslauer

Sebastian Haslauer

We featured Sebastian Haslauer’s work back in April of last year so were thrilled when this print turned up in our letterbox. With its mix of collage, mark making and print prowess, it demonstrates everything we love so much about his work. Not to mention, the sunny yellow is exactly what we’re needing to drag us through this dark January – thanks, Sebastian!

We’re All Works of Art – Mark Sperring and Rose Blake

We’re All Works of Art is one of those books you can’t help but smile at. Written by Mark Sperring and charmingly illustrated by Rose Blake, it celebrates and normalises human diversity by “highlighting the many examples of humans as seen in art styles and movements admired around the world”. With a subtly powerful message, it’s both visually striking and a great introduction to the world of art, thanks to its beginners’ guide situated on the back pages.


Andrew Werdna

Andrew Werdna

Next up is this boldly cheerful print from London-based illustrator Andrew Werdna. A graduate of Manchester School of Arts, Andrew is the founder of the Made You Look Collective and works in various mediums including print, paint and wood. This particular piece caught our eye with its references to London landmarks and classic orange and blue Risograph combo. However, we have to ask, when was the last time you saw a Londoner smile while waiting for a bus?


Tara Deacon

Tara Deacon

Last but (as always) not least is this print from South African but Berlin-based illustrator Tara Deacon. Tara’s work explores “recurring themes of colour, nature, found objects and treasures and evoke a sense of nostalgia and naivety”. Her hand-drawn illustrations are full of life and vibrancy and this particular print is a five-colour Risograph made in collaboration with Inkwell Press in Berlin.

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